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Bankruptcy Fraud in Winter Haven, FL

Oftentimes, the line between negligence and bankruptcy fraud is blurred. Come to The Wilson Advocacy Group, P.A. for legal representation if you have been accused of fraud. As a highly skilled bankruptcy fraud lawyer, we build an effective defense for you. Since 1972, our law firm has protected the interests and rights of our clients. We have an excellent reputation in the greater area due to our competent and diligent staff. Turn to us if you are facing bankruptcy fraud in Winter Haven, FL.

Filing for bankruptcy can be rather complex for individuals, and more so for businesses. Even missing one item can lead to a disastrous outcome. Whether you mistakenly failed to disclose an asset or you did so purposely, you could be facing a prison sentence if convicted. That's why it's so important to use an experienced and tested bankruptcy fraud attorney to defend you. Some of the types of bankruptcy crimes include:

  • Concealing Assets
  • Embezzling from the Bankruptcy Estate
  • Concealing Books or Records
  • Multiple Bankruptcy Filings
  • Knowingly Making False Claims or Statements
  • Bribery During Bankruptcy Proceedings

Bankruptcy Fraud Lawyer in Winter Haven, FL

Professional Bankruptcy Fraud Lawyer

Any time we accept bankruptcy fraud cases, the first thing we do is examine all of the details. It's critical to get the facts straight. We ask that you be completely upfront with us so that we can provide a strong defense.

We research everything in order to catch every error. Even one missing item could derail the proceedings. That's why we use our many years of experience to prepare your case. You can rest easy knowing that we provide a strong defense against bankruptcy fraud charges.

Why You Need a Bankruptcy Fraud Attorney

Due to our extensive background in bankruptcy law, we take on a wide variety of cases. Most cases arise from alleged concealment of assets. Our attorneys work tirelessly to protect your interests during such a lawsuit. Federal prosecutors must prove you acted willfully to commit fraud. Even if the fraud was due to your negligence, we can help. Our bankruptcy fraud attorney determines the prosecution's weaknesses. We then construct a defense that highlights those weaknesses in order to obtain an acquittal or favorable plea bargain.

Still, the most effective way to deal with bankruptcy fraud is to avoid it in the first place. That's why we provide comprehensive legal services that protect you. Our lawyers are skilled at filing bankruptcy forms without a single error. Turn to our team if you need to file for bankruptcy or you require aggressive representation due to fraud charges.

Contact us if you have been accused of committing bankruptcy fraud. We proudly serve clients in Winter Haven, Lakeland, Tampa, Brandon, and Haines City, Florida, as well as the surrounding areas.