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Creditor Harassment in Winter Haven, FL

Depend on The Wilson Advocacy Group, P.A. to be your advocate if you're suffering from creditor harassment. Did you know a consumer can collect up to $1000 per violation? In Winter Haven, FL, our lawyer represents clients who are suffering from collection harassment. Because debt collectors must follow certain federal laws when collecting debts, we ensure they abide by these laws.

In many cases, a creditor cannot call you after you have retained an attorney to represent your case. Still, some debt collectors violate these laws and regulations in order to seek payment from you. Fortunately, our experienced creditor harassment lawyer is very knowledgeable about the law and knows the best ways to prevent harassing calls and other correspondences from them.

Laws You Need to Know Concerning Debt Collector

Being in debt is difficult enough, but having creditors threaten or harass you makes matters even worse. Even though US laws set rules on creditors in order to prevent abusive tactics, many collectors get away with such conduct. If you are experiencing debt collector harassment, you don't have to simply endure it. Some of the prohibited practices set in place by Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA) of 1978 include:

  • No Phone Calls before 8:00 a.m. or after 9:00 p.m.
  • Calling after You Have Formally Refused Payment
  • Making False Threats of Lawsuit or Legal Punishment
  • Misrepresentation of Identity
  • Attempting to Collect More than Is Owed
  • Using Obscene, Profane, or Abusive Language
  • Calling You Repeatedly
  • Threatening to Take Action That Isn't Intended or Can't Be Taken
  • Calling your Employer knowing that the Employer doesn't approve
  • Failure to send a written Debt Validation letter
Harassment Lawyer in Winter Haven, FL

Creditor Harassment Lawyer: Cease & Desist Order

Yes, you can stop creditors from harassing you. It may seem impossible, but under the law, we can effectively put a halt to the problem. If you try to stop a debt collector on your own, you may not be successful. That's because debt collectors are usually not intimidated by consumers, since most individuals have little understanding of their legal rights.

By depending on our creditor harassment attorney, we can instruct the creditor to cease and desist. If the harassment continues, we then take further legal action by filing a lawsuit. With the assistance of our creditor harassment lawyer, you can return to a harassment-free life. We also assist you in credit repair and filing for bankruptcy if needed.

Free Consultation with Our Creditor Harassment Attorney

Schedule an appointment with our attorney. Your initial consultation is absolutely free. We'll take the time to hear your concerns, assess the situation, and then provide you with options. If you'd like to retain our attorney, we get to work right away to stop creditor harassment and bring you peace of mind.

Contact us if you need to stop harassing phone calls from debt collectors. We proudly serve clients in Winter Haven, Lakeland, Tampa, Brandon, and Haines City, Florida, as well as the surrounding areas.