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Wage Garnishment in Winter Haven, FL

Is the court, the state, or federal government threatening to take money from your paycheck? Trust the experienced attorneys at The Wilson Advocacy Group, P.A. to stop wage garnishment. In Winter Haven, FL, our law firm offers fast and effective solutions when wage garnishment is imminent. If you haven't paid your taxes because you do not have the money or you are dealing with other financial problems, you need a skilled wage garnishment lawyer to step in and be your legal advocate. We stop the process by negotiating a resolution with the court or a governmental agency.

Wage Garnishment Attorney in Winter Haven, FL

Prompt & Effective

When your wages are garnished by a judge, state agency, or the federal courts, it can have a serious impact on your finances and your job. Many times, wage garnishment happens quickly once you are provided with notice. In addition, it stays in effect until the debt is paid. Take back control and protect your bank account by depending on our wage garnishment attorney.

We work quickly to mediate your case so you do not need to worry about a diminishing paycheck. There are many ways to resolve the issue. Having served clients since 1972, we have in-depth knowledge of the law and strive to achieve a successful resolution of your case.

Experienced Wage Garnishment Lawyer

The IRS does not have to resort to court proceedings to garnish your wages. In fact, they are the only collection agency that has full autonomy in wage garnishment. When you owe back taxes and have difficulty paying, this only makes matters worse. Don't let the IRS take as much as 80% of your paycheck. Let our experienced wage garnishment lawyer take the burden off of your shoulders so you can get money back in your paycheck. After working out a plan with the IRS, we then determine the best way to resolve your tax debt problems. Our goal is to determine practical solutions based upon your unique needs.

Do You Need Wage Garnishment Services?

If you are like the average taxpayer, you are probably ill-equipped to resolve your wage garnishment issues. Fortunately, we understand the details of federal and state garnishment issues. That's why we are able to offer proven and practical solutions for you. After meeting with you and reviewing your case, we'll recommend the best solution and determine a payment plan for you. In some cases, Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy may be a good option for you.

Schedule an appointment with our attorney if you need wage garnishment services. When you become aware that your wages might be garnished, depend on us to stop the process. The IRS will not begin drawing payments from your earnings without giving you proper notice. Take advantage of this grace period and allow us to create the right plan for you.

Contact us for prompt assistance if you've seen your paycheck decrease because the IRS has garnished your wages. We proudly serve clients in Winter Haven, Lakeland, Tampa, Brandon, and Haines City, Florida, as well as the surrounding areas.